Ying Li, PhD
Licensed Acupuncturist
& Chinese Herbalist
Acton, MA 01720
Beverly, MA 01915

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Dr. Ying Li started her medical practice in the mid-1970s as a barefoot doctor in rural northeast China. The sole medical provider for eight villages whose population totaled about two thousand, Dr. Li took responsibility for locals' healthcare, medical care, and sick care. Her day and night work included treating conditions from small external injuries and various pains to epidemic diseases. Dr. Li utilized acupuncture, Chinese herbs, Chinese folk remedies, and Western medicine depending on their availability, appropriateness, and convenience. It was not uncommon for Dr. Li to perform acupuncture and intravenous injection in the same treatment room, nor to prescribe Chinese herbs and Western medicine on the same person. The goal was always the same: to treat disease, strengthen weak bodies, and keep healthy people from becoming sick.

Dr. Li has a Ph.D. in biophysical chemistry and a master's degree in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine.

Although she thoroughly enjoys modern science, Dr. Li has found no preventive practice as effective as Chinese medicine in today’s pharmaceutical and medical practice. Dr. Li emphasizes the power of prevention for diseases: reduced suffering, cost-effectiveness, and less demand for the medical personnel and supplies, which was extremely important and practical for the only barefoot doctor at that time.

Zhu Liangchun, a great Chinese medical doctor, once said, "There is no disease untreatable in the world; it is where and how we find the treatment." With great respect for and deep confidence in the power of Chinese medicine, Dr. Li always seeks and pursues better treatment for her patients.